Name: The Refugees
Recruiting: Anyone is welcome to give us a shout.


We are a friendly Horde guild within World of Warcraft's Farstriders-US realm, who seek to grow and adventure together, in mutual respect and enjoyment of the game.

In a nutshell, we are a casual, social guild of friends who enjoy playing the game at our own pace. Many of our members have full time jobs, families, and/or university to handle, and thus are unable to be in-game 24/7.

The Refugees accepts all members of the Horde, regardless of level, talent spec, or gear. Our only requirement is to enjoy the game, and allow others to enjoy the game in their own way.

We may attempt running instances with a tankless/no healer party, for the sheer fun of trying, knowing that wipes happen, and enjoying the challenge to see how far we get before it does.

Some of our folks are star PvP battlegrounders.

Some of our folks are frequent roleplayers.

One of our folks enjoys the thought of an all-hunter-crab-pet "Eyes of the Beast" raid on the Booty Bay docks!?!

But above all, each one of the members in our ranks is a friendly and fun person to adventure with. The 'game' aspect comes first, before epic loot, powerlevelling, and e-peen waving.

If you are interested in seeing what this guild has to offer, please check out the new forums on this site, or send a message to anyone in-game. See you around!


What we want in new members:

  • A spirit of cooperation. We are social and casual, yet still enjoy instancing.
  • A well-developed sense of fun. Brewfest Pony Kegs unleased often!
  • Willingness to try new things. All-hunter instance runs, why not? No Tank, no problem!