Moar Evasion
Arena Team Information
Team Size 3v3
Members Dagrothus, Heehii, Ironyeti, Shamshock, Sneakrogue, Soneillon

Team DescriptionEdit

The top Horde team of Arena Season 9 composed of Soneillon (Holy Paladin), Dagrothus (Subtlety Rogue), and a number of notables as the third including Shamshock, Heehii, and Ironyeti in the closing hours. The rogue Sneakrogue was also on the team for a short while on formation.

OOC NotesEdit

Only Horde Rival team of Season 9, achieving a 2065 high with the Hellen Keller Cleave. (Hpal/Rogue/Enh Sham)

Of the team's former members, Sneakrogue has transferred to Alliance, Ironyeti and Soneillon have transferred to Illidan, Dagrothus, Heehii, and Shamshock have all chosen to remain on Farstriders, remaining loyal to the server.

<Dags Fan Club> was here.

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