Name: Charaxes, The Iron Butterfly Armory Profile
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin -- and a true one, following the code of the class


Pale skinned, ashen haired dwarven woman, with sharp features and a hard gaze.


Native of Iron Forge. Daughter of a member of the King's Guard and a Priest of Khaz. Married to Odinseuse, a gnome rogue. Mother of Kookiez, a gnome warrior.

Traits of NoteEdit

Devoted to Khaz, King, and Guild -- an enemy of evil and servant of good. Serious and hard hitting, but with a broad laugh and quick wit.

Other InformationEdit

Professions: Miner and Master Blacksmith (Axe)
RP: casual
PvP: infrequent
PvE: dedicated
Raid: semi-frequent, usually with Guild Guild: Minister of Myth Guard

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